How to buy $0.01 items on eBay

The link at the top of this page (yellow box) shows items from the Camera and Photography category, it includes memory cards, Card readers, battery chargers, camera cases and other items. Please see for yourself. These can be bought for 1p, with no shipping charge, its basically free but the minimum charge has to be 1p.

It's very easy to make money buying and then reselling items on eBay, I've been doing this for the 14 months and its been a great source of income. Many sellers sell low value items for 1p or 1 cent, with free postage. There are many reasons why they sell items at a loss, I will explain these in tomorrows post. But the main thing is people like us get an opportunity to buy items from Hong Kong or China for 1p and then re-sell them on eBay in our own country. Most normal ebay buyer dont even know these 1p items exist as they dont know how to use the ebay advanced searches.

The link at the bottom of the page (blue box) shows a range items available for just 1p from the Consumer Electronics category, it includes item like iPod earphones, iPod Nano Silicon Cases, Earphone Connectors, iPhone Screen Protectors and many others.

Check back again tomorrow for an explanation of why it makes sense for items to be sold at these prices.


vijayshanth said...

You seem to do well as an ebay affiliate. I am also trying to learn to earn as an affiliate,guess, Need to go a long way to get results, right?


MakingMoney said...

This is a wonderful blog you created here. Looks nice and you are focused on the great deals, which is nice.

Good Steward said...

Wow, I never saw ebay in this light! You opened my eyes to a new way to use ebay. Thanks so much for sharing this information and I look forward to learning more!